Photoset to the brutal finale: the heroes of the “Game of Thrones” look thoughtfully into the distance

A little more than two months remained before the premiere of the final season of one of the most popular and expensive TV shows of our time. The heroes of the “Game of Thrones” will return to the screens already on April 14, but so far there is practically no information about the eighth season: the shooting is over, here’s a teaser and a short trailer, but we don’t say anything more. Now the show runners decided to pamper the fans of the series with a photoset of characters.

Foreign resources are already putting forward a lot of theories: who is Tirion so incredulous about looking at? Who is Jamie smiling slyly? Perhaps the creators of “Game of Thrones” left hints at the events of the eighth season in the photoset, and perhaps everything is just a coincidence, and you should not look for a black cat in a room without light when it is not there.

The eighth season of the series will begin on April 14th. It will consist of only six episodes, but the authors of the project claim that they allocated more funds for each episode.

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