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Gucci has removed from sale black turtleneck-balaclava because of accusations of racism

In the clothes with red lips saw blackface.

“Knitted Balaclava Top by Gucci. Happy black history month to all ”

“Oh, blackface, but let’s make it trendy?”

“This is 2019 and you say that fashion designers do not know if this looks like a racist ornament?” Gucci knew what he was doing. As they all know. Let black designers work for you if you yourself cannot recognize such things. And stop apologizing, you obviously do not regret ”

“They have a mask in addition, so you can make a full blackface without using paint.”

After that, Gucci made an official statement: the company apologized, and also removed the turtleneck-balaclava from online sales and all stores.

“Gucci deeply apologizes for the irregularities associated with a woolen turtleneck-balaclava. We consider diversity as a fundamental value that must be supported, respected and put at the head of all decisions that we make. ”

In early 2018, H & M got into a similar scandal : the site of a clothing store found a photo of a black boy in a sweater with the inscription “The coolest monkey in the jungle”. Several stars refused to cooperate with the company, and it almost immediately removed the clothing item from the sale.

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