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Creator cheats for GTA Online sentenced to a fine of $ 150,000

The District Court of New York State found guilty of Johnny Perez, creator Elusive cheat program for GTA Online, copyright infringement. He was fined and ordered to pay the legal costs of Take-Two, which owns the studio Rockstar Games. 

Elusive allowed players to freely add in-game currency to their account, modify the character on the fly, and also put it outside the scope of local physics: endless ammo, no recharging, materialization from the air of transport, weapons and much more.

Take-Two contacted Perez last year and demanded to stop selling the cheat program. A man selling it for between $ 10 and $ 30. He fulfilled the request, but refused to disclose information about how much he managed to earn on the cheaters. The lawyers of the publishing house wanted this information in order to claim adequate compensation.

The man also did not appear at the trial. As a result, Perez must pay $ 150,000 in compensation to the company, as well as $ 70,000 in legal costs.

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