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A programmer from China made a “smart” shelter for stray cats with a face recognition system. She does not let the dogs

Food, water, temperature, light and toys – everything you need to survive the winter. But only for cats.

A resident of China, Wang Xi (Wan Xi) works as a programmer in a Beijing company. Previously, he constantly helped food to homeless cats that froze in winter: according to statistics, there are several tens of thousands of them living on the streets of Chinese cities. In January 2019, his animal care reached a new level: he made a small cattery using modern technology.

Basis Van Xi made of wood and glass. In the shelter itself in the backyard of the house, he put food, water, places to sleep and toys for cats. Initially, the programmer was going to limit himself to this, but then decided to add a face recognition system.

Technology is needed to let in only cats. When the animal comes to the entrance, the system, trained in the photographs, determines the breed and admits. Thus, there can not get, for example, dogs. Van Xi added a heating system – the temperature in the mini-shelter is 27 degrees. Also, in a small “smart” house, the light is turned on only when there is a cat in it.

According to Wang Xi, smart cameras have been installed in the shelter that can recognize some of the symptoms of the diseases in cats. He did not tell exactly how this happens, but noted that all data is transmitted to volunteers. They take care of the cats and, if necessary, take them to the clinic

The plot of the invention of Van Xi for one of the Chinese TV channels

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