In New York, canceled the event for the film Liam Neeson after accusations of racism because of an interview

In it, the actor apologized that a few years ago he wanted to kill a black man out of revenge.

Liam Neeson Shot from Good Morning America on ABC News

In New York, the solemn event with the red carpet and interviews with journalists were canceled before the premiere of the new film by Liam Neeson. As noted byThe Guardian, this happened immediately after the scandal associated with the statement of the 66-year-old actor about racism in the program Good Morning America on ABC News.

“Snow Blower” – a film about how a family man kills several drug dealers out of revenge for his son. The picture goes to cinemas in the USA and Europe on February 7, and in Russia – on February 21. On February 6, a solemn premiere was to take place in New York: the red carpet with the main stars and interviews with journalists. However, a few hours before the event was canceled. As explained to journalists, he was considered inappropriate against the background of the scandal with the main actor.

On February 5, a wide discussion began around the interview with Liam Neeson: the actor said that he would like to “frankly” talk about racism. Since the film “Snowthrower” is about revenge, he wanted to share a similar story from his life. The actor told how about 40 years ago a black man raped his girlfriend, and this infuriated him.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I started walking in “black” areas with a bat in the hope that someone would come up to me. I am ashamed to talk about it. It lasted about a week. I wanted some “black moron” to come out of the pub and start pulling me up. I hoped I could kill him.[/perfectpullquote]
Liam neeson

Neeson not only marked the phrase “black moron” with quotes, but added that he was “not racist” and genuinely ashamed of his “terrible” behavior. The actor added that the topic of racism deserves an “open discussion” and that he learned an important lesson from what happened.

After the release of an interview with reporters and users of social networks were criticized Neeson. British journalist Gary Young said that he does not feel safe for no reason, because even an Oscar-nominated actor wants to kill him, and a professor from the University of Birmingham added that making such statements to promote the film is offensive and wrong “.

But there were those who stood up for Neeson: the former England national football player John Barnes noted that the actor should be rewarded for his courage and openness. The social networks also explained that Neeson spoke about the “terrible mistake” that taught him a lot.

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