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Blizzard covered her chest, looking out of the neckline of Jaina

Nearly five years after the release of the Hearthstone card game, the developers decided to make the game more chaste. And in update 13.2, in addition to other balanced edits, made Jaina Proudmoore, one of the heroines of the game, less defiant cleavage. The chest of the greatest sorceress of the world of Warcraft will no longer spy on players and embarrass them.

Naturally, the sacrifice attempt (the canonical appearance of the characters) could not but provoke a wave of discussion among the players. Someone thinks that China, who is serious about educating the moral character of its gamers, is to blame for the “busty” censorship. Someone saw the deflection of a large corporation under the feminists: the big bosses are worried about not being accused of improperly depicting women.

Someone jokes that the neckline was covered for the period of winter cold, and someone now calls Hearthstone a collectible card game for children. In any case, such nerf characters are not common.

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