Apple opposes the FAS bill to preinstall Russian software on smartphones and laptops

According to the initiative, the company will not be able to enter the Russian market without setting itself a domestic antivirus and browser.

Apple has sent a negative opinion to the Federal Antimonopoly Service on the bill, which obliges to pre-install Russian software on smartphones, tablets and laptops for release in Russia. This was reported by Kommersant.

According to the amendments to the laws “On Communications” and “On Information”, manufacturers will not be able to enter the Russian market if they do not install certain domestic software and do not provide the possibility of completely removing foreign pre-installed applications.

The list of mandatory Russian software will establish the government. But the concept of FAS from the end of January already mentioned several programs – antivirus, browser, messenger and geolocation program.

According to experts interviewed by the publication, the bill can “most painfully” affect Apple’s work in Russia: for example, because of a closed operating platform where antiviruses are almost completely absent. There are no standards to confirm the conditions of pre-installation and the removal of applications, said Anton Guskov, a representative of the association RATEK, which includes Apple, Samsung, Google and other companies.

According to the Kommersant interlocutors, Yandex turned out to be the main lobbyist for the FAS bill. If now the company is paying “tens of millions of dollars a year” for pre-installing applications on smartphones, then with amendments, this could be free. “The requirements of the regulator do not describe the mechanisms for choosing software for pre-installation,” said Eldar Murtazin, an analyst at Mobile Research Group.

For the first time about the development of the bill became known in July 2018. RATEK called the measures unfounded, but despite this, by February 6, 2019, the FAS sent the concept to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications.

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