From February 5, Flickr will begin to delete photos for exceeding the free limit of 1000 shots. Archive can still be saved

Even without paying a subscription costing about 3,300 rubles a year.

On February 5, one of the most popular photo hosting sites, Flickr, will begin to apply the new internal rules announced in November 2018. To transfer users to premium accounts, the service has limited the size of free storage for photos and videos.

  • Since January 8, a free Flickr account allows you to store up to 1000 photos and videos. Those who have already exceeded the limit are automatically banned from downloading new content;
  • From February 5, Flickr will begin to delete photos and videos in free accounts that have exceeded the specified limit. The oldest content units will be the first to be deleted.

In January, Flickr users began receiving notifications about the imminent deletion of photos. Some commentators noted that they still do not intend to connect paid options.

Do not forget to delete your photos and videos. I do not subscribe to paid flickr

[Where to transfer the entire archive?] To your own cloud. What sucks, because I can not afford to pay more than 40 pounds a year just for storing photos of railways and buildings that may be of interest to people or not

Today, Flickr will reduce my archive from 26138 to 1000 photos, and I try not to worry about it. It was good to have a terabyte of free photo storage all these years.

Flickr: you have 1357 photos // I: delete 357 photos // Flickr: you have 709 photos

How to save your archive on Flickr

The easiest way is to purchase a paid subscription, as the service offers. There are two options: pay $ 6.99 (about 460 rubles) per month or $ 49.99 (about 3300 rubles) per year. Subscription among other things implies a lack of advertising and advanced statistics.

Options for a paid subscription to Flickr

Flickr users who have exceeded the limit of 1000 photos, still have the opportunity to download the archive. To do this, go to your account settings and scroll to the section “Your Flickr Data”, where you can request data. Next, select the download photos, not personal information. In case there are a lot of pictures, the service will divide them into archives.

However, it’s not a fact that the photohosting letter will come quickly. The media and social networks also resonated around the changing conditions of Flickr, but, according to the service, more than 1,000 images are stored only for about 3% of users.

Flickr has been offering terabyte free storage since 2013. But if then the photohosting belonged to Yahoo, then in April 2018 the service was bought by the SmugMug company. She changed the storage conditions of photos.

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