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Flashmob: Dubak Challenge

Residents of the Siberian region in social networks “produce ice genie.”

Photo @anndriyanova

In RuNet, the hashtag # dubaccellenge is gaining in popularity – with it users publishphotos and videos with a splash of boiling water in the cold. Inhabitants of the Siberian region are massively joining the flashmob, where the temperature has dropped below -35 ° C.

Photo @giorgio_kem Photo @ kol.makova Photo @irisshad Photo @willdiazbertolini Photo @ svetash2001

The ability of hot water in certain conditions to freeze faster than cold, was noticed and described in antiquity. In modern science, it is known as the “Mpemba effect” —by the name of an African schoolchild who conducted home experiments in the 1960s, which attracted the attention of the scientific community. There are several possible reasons for this paradox: for example, the phenomenon may be explained by the fact that hot water evaporates faster, reducing its volume, or the fact that hydrogen bonds weaken in heated water.

The spectacular transformation of water into snow is well-known entertainment in cold weather. In 2019, it became , for example, one of the few outdoor activities available to residents of frozen Chicago.

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