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Facebook allowed to delete sent messages. But only for 10 minutes

Previously, only Mark Zuckerberg could do that.

Delete Messenger function in Facebook Messenger TechCrunch Screenshot
  • Facebook messenger has a feature for deleting sent messages within ten minutes. The feature is available in the app update for iOS and Android;
  • The function works like this: you need to select the desired message, double-tap it on the screen, in the pop-up menu, select or delete for all chat participants, or hide only for yourself. The last option was available in the messenger before;
  • Other users will be notified that the contact has deleted the message from the chat. They can complain about this on Facebook. Prior to this, even hidden messages remained visible to other chat participants;
  • For the first time, Facebook confirmed the ability to delete messages that have already been sent, in April 2018. However, this feature was only available to Mark Zuckerberg due to the social network security measures.


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