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A couple from Russia was detained in Malaysia. They juggled a kid in the street

The performance caused outrage of eyewitnesses and got on the video, and Facebook saw in the video a scene of violence.

Two Russians were detained in Kuala Lumpur after numerous complaints about their performance, during which they twisted in their arms and threw their 4-month-old daughter into the air. The police considered that the actions of the parents create a danger to the child’s life.

The detained Russian with his daughter. Facebook Video Screenshot

The detainees reported that they had arrived in the capital of Malaysia from Thailand, where they also organized similar performances. Kommersant found out that the Russian travelers Mikhail Bondaruk and Ekaterina Shikhmanova, 28 and 27 years old, were detained. According to their acquaintance, the couple leads an “alternative lifestyle” and deals with “dynamic gymnastics” with their daughter.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]They travel around Asia, do yoga, eat only fruit, always go barefoot, do not use drugs in any case. Michael is a wonderful musician, his wife is an artist. During their travels, they perform on the streets, sing Russian folk songs, and earn a lot of money with it.[/perfectpullquote]
Olga Nikonova
familiar detainee

On February 2, a local resident posted a fragment of a speech on Facebook. The video caused a wave of criticism, after which the social network moderators marked him “as containing a scene of violence against a child”

Malaysian police have not completed the investigation yet. Under local law , the child’s parents face a penalty of 20,000 Malaysian ringgit (about 300,000 rubles) or a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

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