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The media learned about the dismissal of Amazon employees in France because of the protests of the “yellow vests.” The company denies this .

Before the reduction, employees received several warnings.

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Amazon employees on Facebook actively defended the position of “yellow vests”, advised activists and called for protest movements. After that, the company began layoffs, reported the French International Radio, citing the publication Le Parisien .

According to the source, employees were fired “for serious misconduct” and “behavior that is completely opposite to the values ​​of the company.” An Amazon spokesman said that workers first received several warnings, and then they were reduced for failing to comply with contractual obligations.

From November 17, the “Yellow Vests”, so named for the colors of clothing of local drivers, began to strike against the increase in fuel prices. Activists demand the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron, as well as the abolition of new taxes.

During the riots suffered at least 500 people. On December 3, the strikers defeated the Museum of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. After that, the Prime Minister announced a moratorium on tax increases for six months.

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