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The final, where everything went wrong according to plan: what is the memorable Super Bowl 2019

The main match of the year in American sports was notable for its low performance, criticism of the music show during the break and hidden advertising PewDiePie.

Teams play as if they know that the winner will go to the White House (according to tradition, NFL champions come to see the US President)

“Retweet, if you want to return four hours of life back”

“If I wanted to look at a bunch of evil guys who do not score, then I would go on the Internet”
The official account of the German football club “Bayer” laughed at the arguments of fans of American football, that in the “Scoker” too little is scored.

Sokker – the most ineffective sport
For the entire game, the teams were able to make one touchdown. All other points were collected from field heads (the so-called kick in the vertical gate).

Touchdowns, they exist
The low staginess of the game intersected with another victory for the Patriots, the simultaneous most successful and most hated NFL team in modern times. Victory in 2019 was the sixth for the club in the 21st century.

Why this Super Bowl sucks: red – “The most boring game in history”, blue – “The Patriots won”

Subscribe to PewDiePie

For several months, the blogger PewDiePie has been waging a “war” with the Indian music company T-Series for the title of the owner of the most popular YouTube channel. As part of this struggle, the call can be seen all over the Internet (and beyond): “Subscribe to PewDiePie”. One of these requests appeared on the Super Bowl.

Initially, the video blogger MrBeast said that he wanted to buy the ad unit and put the slogan there (the cost of placing a 30 second video clip is about $ 5.5 million). But in the end he bought seats at the stadium and there people with T-shirts.

As planned, the inscription would appear on the air of the CBS channel every time someone breaks a field goal. But because of the low performance, the caption “Sign up for PewDiePie” appeared only once in the frame.

Advertising and trailers

Traditionally, during the Super Bowl teasers were shown to the expected films and TV shows, as well as the most expensive advertising in the world. Just before the starting whistle, the audience saw the video “Avengers: Final”, and then a video about the restarting of the Twilight Zone, the wildlife documenting Netflix, the third season of The Handmaid’s Tale and other projects.

In advertising blocks, the most surprising was the movie of the beer brand Bud Light. Usually, this beer is advertised with short sketches about the Middle Ages and the knight Bud Light. During the Super Bowl, everything went according to the same scenario, but then the dragon arrived and began to burn everyone. It turned out that the movie – including the advertisement “Game of Thrones.Another unexpected advertisement was made by Burger King. The company showed on the Super Bowl a 45-second spot, where the famous artist Andy Urhol simply unwraps and eats the sever. Warhol died in 1987: the video was shot five years earlier for a documentary art film. Burger King for almost a year received permission to use frames.

The rest of the commercials from the Super Bowl will be released as a separate material.

Petition, because of which Spongebob appeared at the Super Bowl

In the big break of the Super Bowl, the band Maroon 5 performed, as well as rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi. YouTube users did not appreciate the musicians’ concert – the video received 26 thousand dislikes with 8 thousand likes.

But during the concert during the break a reference to Spongebob was shown. This happened because of an online petition: more than a million people asked the organizers to play the song “Sweet Victory” during the Super Bowl. According to the authors of the petition, the composition would be the perfect tribute to Stephen Hillenberg – the creator of Sponge Bob, who died in November 2018.

The reference really appeared on the Super Bowl – as a short video delivery from Maroon 5 to Travis Scott. But the musicians did not perform the song.

“I made a keso”

In social networks, they were so disappointed with what was happening on the field that the main meme of the Super Bowl was a thing that almost did not apply to it. Fox presenter Dana Perino told on Twitter that she prepared a Mexican platter of queso for the game (made from straightened cheese). But it turned out to be burnt, which caused jokes in social networks.

In the photo – food from the “worst festival in history” Fyre

Later, Perino noted : “Even my tweets about a poorly cooked keso are more fun than this Superbowl.”

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