Svyaznoy, re: Store and other retailers cut prices for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

On average, the flagship models fell by 5 thousand rubles. This explained the promo for the holidays.

Russian retailers reduced prices for flagship iPhones – XR, XS and XS Max. Price changes occurred in re: Store , Svyaznoy , M.Video , Eldorado , Beeline and MegaFon . “Medusa” drew attention to this and was confirmed by in re: Store and MegaFon.

  • The iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory began to cost 59,990 rubles instead of the original 66,092 rubles. XS and XS Max with 64 GB of memory began to cost 80,990 rubles and 89,990 rubles, respectively, instead of the original 89,481 rubles and 98,634 rubles;
  • Some retailers have fallen in price and models with a large amount of memory. For example, in the “Connected” iPhone XS 256 GB costs 91,990 rubles instead of 102,702 rubles, while the Beeline iPhone 256 XB costs 256 GB worth 100,990 rubles instead of 106,490 rubles;
  • On the official Apple website, prices for Russia have not changed. The last time they grew in early 2019 was due to a VAT increase of about two or three thousand rubles for each model.

Judging by the price dynamics for flagship iPhones in Yandex.Market, the fall in value has affected many retailers. For example, Apple Jesus , Big Geek and Apple Roomshave reduced prices more than the big sellers: their 64 GB iPhone XR costs 54,990 rubles. The last time such a decline occurred before the New Year holidays – in November 2018.

This information was confirmed by the MegaFon press service. It is about February 14, February 23 and March 8. This is not the first time – prices have fallen both in January 2017 and in January 2016 .

In Russia, prices for Apple equipment have grown twice in the last six months. In late January, Tim Cook announced that the company will lower prices for iPhones in countries whose currencies have weakened against the dollar due to the first fall in sales history in the holiday period.

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