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Power outage during Super Bowl blasted Twitter

The failure of the power grid before the start of the third half of Super Bowl provoked a huge amount of discussion on the network and especially on Twitter, almost overshadowing even Beyon’s speech as part of Destiny’s Child.

Despite the fact that the Super Bowl match is the most anticipated sporting event of the year for Americans, and commercials in the half-time intervals are traditionally the best works of advertising art and the main subject for discussion (and for some people the only point is to watch the broadcast), today the most interesting the moment was not the game itself or TV advertising.

At first, it seemed that the audience was most excited by Beyonce, who spoke with the group Destiny’s Child, in which she began her musical career.

The band has already broken up for eight years and did not record new songs, but just recently released a new track and got together to perform at the Super Bowl. This is already a trend: at the London Olympics, the Spice Girls group, which brought Victoria Beckham, Jerry Holliuel and other famous singers together, rose from the ashes.

Already posted a full record of video performances Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. Carefully, you have to stick for 14 minutes of the video.

To complete the picture of sexuality, Beyonce lacked only cats. But they appeared.

Some so closely followed the performance of Beyonce that they even noticed the sign of the Illuminati .

The audience noted that the singer did not sing under the plywood (as at Obama’s inauguration), and because of this she sang less than she could. Many have noticed the aggressive (fierce) expression of the face of Beyonce, famous for the album “I’m … Sasha Fierce”. In addition, the episode with holograms and pseudo-doubles was spectacular, when it seemed that five Beyonce were simultaneously performing on the stage.

After the show, Beyonce went down to her husband, rapper Jay-Z. Their blurred joint photo was perhaps the most lovely for the whole event.

But after the performance of Beyonce ended and everyone began to prepare for the third half, a sudden thing happened: half of the stadium plunged into darkness.

The game was interrupted until it was dealt with electricity. In the broadcasts there was an awkward silence of commentators who did not know how to hush up the pause. It was here that the most interesting thing began: people started commenting on Twitter themselves.

Naturally, the first thing that people came to mind was jokes about Bane, the hero of the last Batman movie “The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend”.

There were a lot of jokes about Bane and they were all monotonous. The microbloggers themselves began to get annoyed that only lazy joked about Bane. They are such hipsters.

Jay-Z instantly reacted to the incident, making it clear that all the interesting things had already ended and hinting that it was time for him and Beyonc to “turn off the lights” (in the cot).

Some began to expect the appearance of guys from the group Anonymous. Those, in turn, dispel doubts: they are not to sensational statements, they enjoy the new series about politics.

Then everyone switched to Twitter jokes. Last year, the microblogging service barely coped with the loads during the Super Bowl and was constantly falling, but this year everything happened the other way around – the Super Bowl was falling, and Twitter was watching all this.

The Steelers football team’s tweet gathered several thousand retweets. It is not surprising: the laconic joke came just to the point, considering that in 2011 the 49ers team (which played today with the Ravens) won the Steelers just due to two power cuts in a row .

But brighter of all, perhaps, the annealed advertisers.

Oreo, known for its delicious chocolate chip cookies, responded the fastest. Already a few minutes after turning off the light, they painted an advertising poster. Thanks to the lightning reaction, this tweet was perhaps the most discussed of the entire game, scored over 10 thousand retweets in just two hours. Oh, someone in Oreo will be promoted.

UPDATE: According to BuzzFeed , the authors of the creative are the agency 360i. At the same time, the presence of Oreo brand managers and 360i advertisers in the office made it possible to quickly make a decision and became the key to success. (thanks for the tip, @elsaburo ).

The Superdome stadium in New Orleans, which made such a mistake, was made by Mercedes . Audi responded instantly: they burned out long-standing debates with Mercedes in their style, sending them a couple of LEDs.

We managed to get hooked on the trend and Calvin Klein, testing advertising through the new Twitter application >Vine .

Walgreens, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, joked that they sold candles.

Procter & Gamble also managed to draw a picture for Tide, but by it was too noticeable that it was done in a hurry. In general, this time the advertisers did not come out a masterpiece.

Declare themselves and EA Sports.

Twitter representatives have reported an incredible reaction from advertisers: the first advertising on demand [outage] appeared in microblogs just 4 minutes after the incident.

There were quite a few discussions of commercials, but they are completely impossible to understand without context. One thing was clear: the Korean rapper Psy (known for Gangnam Style) failed to advertise pistachios, but the Jeep movie touched even Rupert Murdoch. The commercials themselves can be viewed at the Huffington Post .

Twitter representatives have already published a post with statistics . According to the administration, during the blackout, 231.5 thousand tweets per minute were published, and by the end of the speech Beyonce users wrote 268 thousand messages per minute. The brightest sports moments of the event did not score even two hundred thousand: after the victorious whistle, 183 thousand tweets per minute were published.

This is a great hour for Twitter: there was a hashtag in every commercial. (unlike, for example, links to a site or Facebook page)

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