Elon Musk has published a video of the first test of the Raptor engine for the interplanetary spacecraft Starship

He must set in motion a new spacecraft, which in a few years will deliver mankind to Mars.

Raptor engines play a key role in the Masque space exploration plan. They should promote the reusable Starship rocket , which is currently being worked on by the SpaceX team.

Raptor’s first launch for Starship! I am proud of the excellent work of the SpaceX team!

Rocket “Starship”, planned, in 2026 should allow mankind to make interplanetary flights, including to Mars. The vessel will consist of two elements: the rocket module and the spacecraft.

Starship will have a length of 55 meters and contain more than 1000 cubic meters of cargo or passenger space. It is assumed that the rocket will be equipped with a trem or seven Raptor engines.

The flight of the ship around the moon is tentatively scheduled for 2023.

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