ASMR beer, sad robots and Andy Warhol eating a burger: the best advertisement from the Super Bowl 2019

20 videos from the event, where advertising placement costs more than 5 million dollars.

Bud Light ad screenshot

On February 4, Atlanta, the Super Bowl was held – the final of the American Football Championship (NFL). The event annually attracts the attention of millions of TV viewers, because of which the match turned into a prestigious advertising platform for which companies are preparing their best commercials. According to NBC, in 2019 the cost of a 30-second block reached 5.25 million dollars.

TJ has selected 20 interesting commercials from the Super Bowl.

Beer + “Game of Thrones”

Beer brand Bud Light for several years shows on Super Bowls videos about knights and the Middle Ages. This time, the plot of the plot turned out to be a knightly tournament, which ended with a defeat for Bud Light. But suddenly a dragon appeared in the video – it turned out that this was an advertisement for the “Game of Thrones” advertisement.

Backstreet Boys and their new member

In 2018, the Doritos chip brand made a joint advertising with Mountain Dew, where it showed “Battle” Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinkleyge. A year later, they were replaced by other stars: the group Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper.

Andy Warhol eats svapper on camera

Burger King showed at the Super Bowl footage from the 1982 documentary film, where the famous artist Andy Warhol just sits at the table and eats a burger. The company had been negotiating the rights to the video for almost a year, and it was broadcast as a 45-second advertisement.

There is an expanded version of advertising – there Warhol eats a burger for four minutes.

Owners of famous cars also go shopping

Walmart advertised its online product purchase system with references to famous movies and TV shows. In the video clip, the Batmobile, the car from Ghostbusters and the DeLorean from Back to the Future, make their way to the supermarket. All in order to free pick up purchases.

100 billion words

Google advertised its translator with a video that almost 100 billion people are transferred through it every day. But the company notes: “At the same time, the most translatable words in the world are“ How are you? ”,“ Thank you ”and“ I love you ”.”

Dude and Carrie Bradshaw in beer commercials

Shortly before the Super Bowl, actor Jeff Bridges published a short video with him in the guise of the Dude from Big Lebowski with a signature. In social networks and the media began to dream about the continuation of the film, but it turned out that this is an advertisement for Stella Artois beer. Another celebrity in the video is Sarah Jessica Parker.

An unexpectedly unleashed Audi advertisement

At the Super Bowl, the concern announced new E-Tron electric vehicles. But the video was more remembered by the ending, which few people expected.

More than just ok

Pepsi built an advertisement on a situation where a girl orders a coke in a cafe, and the waiter answers: “Are you Pepsi okay?”. After that, actor Steve Carrel (“The Office”) has long explained to the guy that Pepsi is more than just okay. Cardi B and Lil Jon help him in this.

Depressed Voice Assistant

The main advantage of people over the machines: people can eat chips Pringles, and cars – no.

One day in the life of Mr. Peanuts

When you can’t let the famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez eat something besides peanuts.

Jokes from Twitter in advertising for 5 million dollars

The operator T-Mobile showed several similar blocks during the match. In one of them, the situation from the correspondence is played up, where a sensitive and caring interlocutor turns out to be a taxi driver. The original is a popular joke from Twitter.

Microsoft helps children with disabilities

Microsoft recalled the existence of an Xbox controller for people with disabilities, showing a movie with children. The slogan of advertising: “When everyone plays, we all win.”

Amazon devices that never see the light

Amazon has prepared a humorous video that not all devices need Alexa’s built-in voice assistant. Because the toothbrush is not very suitable for playing podcasts, and a dog with a “smart” collar will be able to order food for itself. In the main role – Harrison Ford.


Actress Zoe Kravitz whispers a minute into the microphone, knocking on the bottle and pours a beer into a glass.

Sad android in beer advertising

The Michelob video shows the world where androids live among people. They run faster, play golf better. But what’s the difference if they can’t get pleasure from it?

Lifter from hell

Hyundai car advertising, where a mysterious elevator rolls people in various uncomfortable situations: from going to the dentist and the average seat on the plane to a vegan party.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in a Super Bowl commercial

American skin care brand Olay made a short horror advertisement. The main role was played by “The Vampire Slayer” Sarah Michelle Gellar, who also starred in “I know what you did last summer.”

Airline Advertising by Ridley Scott

The director of “Alien” and “Blade-Walking” shot a six-minute commercial for Turkish Airlines, from which they showed 30 seconds on the Super Bowl. This is not the first movie Scott for the main match in American football: in 2007, he already did advertising for Apple.

Voice strength

Mercedes was initially in a winning position on the eve of the Super Bowl: the final was played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Concern added to this a minute video about his voice assistant in the car. In the story, the main character plays everything he says.

“Democracy is dying in the dark”

The Washington Post newspaper bought an advertising space at the Super Bowl to support journalists who tell their stories. In the video, voiced by Tom Hanks, mention including the dead members of the press.

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