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A foreigner showed a strange attitude of the Chinese to the English inscriptions

The Chinese always seem unusual and a little strange to people from outside the country. Few people can explain their love for English words and phrases that locals use right and left without thinking about their meaning. “Everything in English is cool,” the Shuang user from Instagram explains the behavior of the Chinese in a similar way.

Before making a joke and joking about the photos below, we can recall the love of the Belarusians (Europeans, Americans, and so on) to Japanese hieroglyphs. They can be found on household items, clothing and in the form of tattoos. In the latter case, everything can end in drama. More recently, Ariana Grande got into the news because of his desire to “be not like everyone else.”

It all started with her desire to perpetuate the name of her new album 7 rings (“7 Rings”) on the palm of her hand, but due to the pain she decided to reduce the number of hieroglyphs. As a result, instead of the “seven rings,” the master filled her with the phrase “small coal grill”. There was a way to remedy the situation by adding one character, but Ariana again did everything in her own way. As a result, the “small coal grill” turned into a “small finger coal grill” (or “a small barbecue grill finger”).

Now back to the “funny” Japanese, a selection of published resource Boredpanda.

It is even funny. “Pink Freud. The dark side of your mother. ” Link to the album The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
Follow your fucking dreams, not me
Charging helps you achieve success
Danger! Educated black woman
“I do not care”
I’m not claiming to be Batman. No one has ever seen Batman and me at the same time.
Think less. Stupid more
There are no inscriptions, but the style is valid. “From the Bear”
Funny joke
You are all [bad people]
It probably sounds like this: The state of Texas is a triangle. OMG means hipster is a triangle
Where is the juvenile affairs office looking?
Who can stop me? Catch Me If You Can. Never! BBC!
Don’t worry, we will all die alone
So what? In Minsk there is such a gambling establishment. Well, not everyone knows what fart is.
“Cats spoil every day.” America discovered …
“Accept my best wishes”
Believe in yourself! You are funny!
Controversial statement
“Sexual pervert number 17”
But before washing it is not necessary to look for a tag.
But it is obvious
“I am the first beagle on the moon” (spelling preserved). Okay …
No inscriptions are required here.
Oh uzh these photographers
“Kate Moss and a couple of pizza pounds” (spelling preserved)
Fasten seat belts
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