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Venezuela’s ambassador to Iraq after the country’s Air Force General admitted Guaydo interim president

The current regime of Maduro is supported by fewer officials and politicians.

Venezuelan journalists distributed on social networks a video message from the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Venezuela to Iraq, Jonathan Velasco Ramirez. In the video, he recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaydo as interim president of the country.

Ramirez, who became ambassador by decree of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez (died in 2013), called Guaydo’s position “the true side of history.” The ambassador stressed that he considers the opposition National Assembly the only source of legitimate power in the republic. “Our place is on the side of the people and the Constitution,” the diplomat added

The statement by Ramírez became known soon after the divisional general of the Venezuelan Air Force, Francisco Esteban Janes Rodriguez, recognized the authority of Guaydo . According to him, the current regime of President Nicolas Maduro does not support and is considered dictatorial 90% of the country’s military. The press service of the Air Force in response called Rodriguez a traitor.

Guaydo declared himself Acting President of Venezuela during the January 23 rally. He was recognized by most of the countries of Latin America, USA, Canada and the European Parliament. Russia supported Maduro

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