In Egypt, found a tomb with 50 mummies, 12 of which are children

This is the first major discovery of archaeologists in 2019.

Archaeologist and part of the detected mummies Photo AFP

Egyptian archaeologists discovered a tomb containing 50 mummies from the era of the Ptolemaic dynasty (4th-1st century BC), the local Ministry of Antiquities reported . The authorities called it the first major finding of specialists in 2019.

Necropolis found in the province of Minya to the south of Cairo. The mummies were located in family tombs inside nine-meter burial chambers in the Tuna al-Gabal region. The bodies, some of which are wrapped in linen fabrics, were on the crypt floor, others in stone coffins or wooden sarcophagi.

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According to archaeologists, mummies belong to people of different sexes, 12 of whom were children. Experts did not find a number of hieroglyphs denoting names, but found that the dead represented the top of the middle class of society and occupied prestigious positions. The discovery was announced at the opening site with visitors from several countries.

Photo of the Egyptian authorities AFP Photo AFP Photo
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