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Yandex has established a scientific award named after Ilya Segalovich. General Fund – 15 million rubles

Both academic leaders and students can become laureates.

Yandex has established a scientific award named after the co-founder of the company, Ilya Segalovich. It can be obtained by students, supervisors or graduate students. The general fund is 15 million rubles. This is stated in the company’s blog.

Students and graduate students can receive a remuneration of 350 thousand rubles, and scientific supervisors – 700 thousand rubles. They should be engaged in scientific research in state universities or research institutes of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The award can be obtained for achievements in five areas:

  • speech recognition and synthesis;
  • machine learning;
  • information retrieval and data analysis;
  • natural language processing and machine translation;
  • computer vision. 

Applications for the award are accepted until the end of February, and the results will be announced in April 2019. In addition to cash prizes, winners can win a trip to an international conference on AI or an invitation to a scientific internship in the Yandex research department.

Ilya Segalovich died in 2013, he was the technical director and one of the founders of Yandex. In 2014, the company also established a scholarship in honor of him for students of the Faculty of Computer Science at the HSE.

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