Why “Yandex” does not disclose the number of devices sold

The company logically takes an example from Google.

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Approximately the same situation with Yandex: the company makes software (in this case, a set of service applications and the voice assistant Alice), which intends to integrate into the devices of its partners. With the help of Yandex.Telephone, the company is going to show the advantages of the Yandex ecosystem to smartphone manufacturers, said , one of the creators of Yandex.Telephone, Fedor Ezhov. The same applies to other devices – columns ” Yandex . Station” and radio ” Yandex . Auto .”

But there is one thing.

Yandex, like Apple, Xiaomi and Google, is a public company. It is important for its shareholders what money is spent on and whether investments in new products are repulsed by revenue growth. But in the financial reports of Yandex (the last one was published for the third quarter of 2018, it ended on September 30) there is no separate column dedicated to the revenue from the sale of devices like Yandex.Station, the sales of which began in July 2018. Probably, “iron” could have been included in the report in the “Experimental Services” category, but in a press release of the company, only Zen, Yandex.Oblako, Yandex.Health, Yandex.Drive and Yandex Data Factory.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If you study the activities of “Yandex” only on financial reports, to find out that the company began to produce their devices, it is impossible.[/perfectpullquote]

In this regard, Yandex is again similar to Google. Although the hardware division of devices on Google does not show much success, in the company’s financial statements (the latter was published for the third quarter of 2018), you can findinformation about how much revenue it generates. However, it is mixed with revenue from Google Play and some other areas under the general category “Other incomes”, and it is impossible to accurately determine its change.

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