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Star Wars fans: Battlefront II “Bombanulo”: buy a game for $ 80 and unlock Vader in 40 hours

On November 11, on the Reddit Internet forum, one of the participants laid out calculations, from which it follows: gamers will have to spend 40 hours of pure game time to gain access to the game character Darth Vader in the new Star Wars: Battlefront II . An alternative option is to prick. The players rebelled, urged not to buy the game and made the comment of the publisher EA the most important in the history of Reddit.

Buying Darth Vader in the game will cost 60,000 in-game “cents”. They can be purchased in battles. Each lasts for about 10 minutes and averages about 250 “cents”. Accelerate the pumping offer microtransactions. 500 “kopecks”, for example, cost $ 5, and 120,000 – $ 100. For them you can buy lutboksy, which contain maps with improvements.

Such a system seemed extremely unfair to the players. They urge to postpone the purchase of the game, punishing developers with a ruble. Those tried to come up with an excuse for Reddit, but angry gamers took the opportunity and “zaminusili” comment. At the moment, this official response has received minus 185 thousand ratings.

As noted by some game reviewers, they received press copies of the game, in which Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker cost only 10,000 kopecks, which significantly speeds up their pumping. After passing the campaign, players are given 30,000 kopecks and several luthboxes in which heroes can be found. Of course, it will shorten the time before buying Vader, but you still have to spend a fair amount of time on acquiring the rest of the characters (Han Solo, Master Yoda and others).

A trial version of Battlefront II is already available to Origin Access subscribers. Access to the full version will be open on the day of the game’s release, November 17th.

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