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Report from social networks: One of the coldest days in the history of Chicago

Empty streets, frozen Lake Michigan and the nickname “Siberia” from residents who are not ready for record low temperatures.

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In late January, anomalous frosts caused by the polar whirlwind struck theMidwest USA . Of all the cities affected by the weather, the media paid most attention to Chicago (Illinois). January 30, 2019 meteorology recorded the second coldest day in the history of the city – the temperature dropped to -30 °. For almost 150 years of meteorological observations, it was colder only in 1985.

The temperature of -30 ° may not seem very low, but polar vortices, which usually form in the North Pole area, complicate the situation in the USA Because of the winds in Chicago, the temperature is actually between -40 ° and -53 °.

Because of this, in Illinois, schools and some other institutions were closed, dozens of flights were delayed or canceled at airports, and residents were asked not to go out. Among the tips even come across a request “not to breathe too deeply” in the cold.

US President Donald Trump amid the cold weather doubted the existence of global warming. But, according to scientists, polar vortices could fall on the United States precisely because of the warming at the North Pole.

In order for trains to continue to run in the Chicago area, workers had to set fire to frozen sections of the railway.

“You cannot look at this photo and tell me that Chicago is not the most gothic city”
On January 30, there were practically no people on the streets and roads – even in the most popular places.

“This is what Chicago’s busiest road looked like today at its peak hour.”

Ghost town. No soul on Michigan Avenue on Wednesday from 9:30 am ”
Mass media and ordinary users published photos and videos of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan in social networks – both reservoirs froze up.

One of the few entertainments of Chicago’s residents was “scientific experiments” with boiling water: people poured water on the street and watched it instantly freeze

One resident of Chicago conducted an experiment with noodles: according to him, she froze in a minute. The same experience was put on the Antarctic station “Concordia”.

Photos of Chicago in the period of record cold were shared on Instagram, where the city got the nickname “Siberia” (Chicago + Siberia).

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