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What happens when companies forget how ordinary people live – on the example of advertising “elite” exercise bikes

The startup showed people pedaling in luxury apartments with panoramic windows. But the reality is usually much harsher, and they beat it in a twitter thread.

Peloton is an American start-up that produces, among other things, technological simulators for $ 2,000. A 22-inch monitor, built-in programs from recognized athletes, a bet on design, support from stars like David Beckham and Hugh Jackman – all this allows to call the simulator “elite”. Apparently, this is why the Peloton team in the new advertising campaign showed people involved in sports in terms of the “ideal life”, forgetting how often everything looks in reality.

In commercials and photos, the company shows users putting exercise bikes on the most prominent place of luxury apartments with panoramic windows overlooking the center of New York. Such advertising caused confusion in social networks.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Usually the simulator is placed in the garage or in the farthest corner of the apartment. Where you practice, the yoga mat is forever soaked with sweat. You hide this corner from the guests. But Peloton shows classes on a stationary bike in some kind of surrealistic light.[/perfectpullquote]
from the blog bicycling

Twitter user @ClueHeywood beat materials from Peloton ads, showing how much a startup is divorced from real life.

I like to put my Peloton in the most amazing part of my ultramodern home for 3 million dollars

My carpenter built a wooden stand for 9 thousand dollars for my Peloton in a glass-enclosed zen garden and at the same time home gym

I put my Peloton in the center of the bedroom with panoramic windows in my New York penthouse

When we came to my parents for Christmas, I put my Peloton right in the living room, because this house has no gym, no conservatory or anything like that, oh

I took my Peloton to Europe and put it on the balcony of our rented apartment for 2 thousand dollars / night. Honestly, I felt like I was flying over London, you should try

The worst thing that can happen if you put Peloton in my immaculate huge kitchen is if my stupid child interferes with training. Where is Consuela? She had only one task!

Sometimes I rearrange Peloton to our gallery: this is how I can spend time with my half-husband while he reads “Architectural Digest” in army boots

My bright, full of air and light room is a great place for Peloton. I left the sliding door ajar to feel like I was riding a real bicycle … outside!

I keep Peloton in the living room because it is my favorite work of art. Except for the marble turquoise peacock, which I keep in the fireplace

Sometimes I let our nanny ride Peloton. But the terrace is my territory, so she can only use the simulator in the garage and only when she punishes my children.

This is an absolutely inappropriate place for Peloton. Looks like a basement, not a terrace, a greenhouse, a grotto, a chimney corner or a rest room

You may ask why the windows in front of these Peloton are so small. Unfortunately, the place on the yacht is limited, and the hall is almost at the water level. We are working on it

My husband says that Peloton, blocking the doors from the living room to the veranda, is a threat to fire safety. He does not understand that Peloton is the first thing I will save

Some people advise to arrange a living room here because of the amazing view. I have a question about their priorities. Who spends more time on the couch than on the Peloton?

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