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Venezuelan opposition leader barred from leaving the country and blocked in the account bank

Such measures are related to the investigation initiated by the local prosecutor’s office.

Juan Guaydo declares himself interim president of Venezuela with a copy of the constitution, which depicts the revolutionary and national hero of the country Simon Bolivar EPA

The Venezuelan Supreme Court banned opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself acting president, to leave the country and also blocked access to bank accounts. In addition, the policy was forbidden to make real estate transactions. Reports about it El Nacional.

The court’s decision was made after the appeal of Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab (Tarek William Saab), who asked for action on Guayido. According to him, the agency is already conducting a preliminary investigation against the opposition for having accepted the authority of the acting president and “headed the rally that caused the damage to the country.”

On January 23, Venezuela’s parliamentary leader, Juan Guaydo, declared himself acting president. This happened during mass rallies against the current leader of the country, Nicolas Maduro, who again won the elections in January.

Guaido has already been supported by the leaders of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama and Great Britain. On the side of Maduro remained: Russia, Turkey, China, Cuba and Bolivia. The leaders of Germany, Spain and France declared that they would recognize Juan Guaydo as president of the country if Venezuela does not hold early presidential elections before February 3.

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