Tim Cook has promised to lower prices for the iPhone in countries whose currencies have weakened against the dollar

This is the first time in history when Apple announced such plans.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans to lower prices on some iPhones, where there was a serious weakening of national currencies against the US dollar. Including, it can concern Russia, India, China and Brazil. His words convey Reuters.

The statement of the head of Apple came after the company reported the first ever drop in sales of iPhones during the holiday period. Prior to this, the price reduction for devices occurred only once – in 2007 after the premiere of the first iPhone.

According to the head of Apple, the company is ready to adjust prices depending on the growth of the dollar relative to local currencies. Cook did not name specific countries where he could reduce the prices of his equipment. As noted by Reuters, in China, resellers have already begun to reduce the cost of iPhones after falling sales.

In Russia, prices for Apple equipment have grown twice in the last six months. In October 2018, the company raised prices after the presentation of the MacBook Air and iPad Pro due to changes in the ruble exchange rate, and in January 2019, the cost increased due to the increase in VAT.

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