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In the UK, for the first time in 30 years, was sentenced to the conclusion of the deputy of parliament

She exceeded the speed while writing messages behind the wheel. Trying to avoid punishment, the deputy declared that she was driving a Russian citizen.

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In the UK, for the first time in almost 30 years, they have sentenced members of the parliament to imprisonment. The car of the deputy of the House of Commons Fiona Onasanya (Fiona Onasanya) in the summer of 2017 came to the attention of police video cameras when moving at a speed of 66 km / h in an area where it is forbidden to go faster than 50 km / h. By that time, only six weeks had passed since her election.

Onasanya denied the guilt and claimed that Alex Antipov was at the time driving her car, to whom she and her brother rented an apartment in Cambridge. However, investigators found out that Antipov was in Russia at that moment, and the owner was driving the car. Moreover, they managed to establish that the brother of the deputy had repeatedly blamed the Russians for violations several times before in order to avoid fines.

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The prosecution presented evidence that the deputy herself was not only driving at the time of the violation, but also exchanged text messages. She was sentenced to three months in prison, but Onasanya intends to appeal the verdict.

Defending herself in court, she stated that the period when the violation was committed was extremely difficult for her: in addition to taking up a new position, she experienced health problems, as she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Representatives of the Labor Party and the Conservative Party called on her to lay down her parliamentary mandate, but the woman claims that such a decision will leave her without means of subsistence. She was expelled from the Labor Party, however, while in prison, she will continue to receive a parliamentary salary of £ 78,000 a year ($ 102,000) as an independent deputy, as well as parliamentary subsidies for the costs of maintaining the office, which will continue to work in her the absence of.

BBC notes that the conclusion of a year or more would lead to an automatic loss of seats in parliament. However, in the case of Onasania, her career is threatened only by a petition from voters in her district.

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