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Two Chinese companies offered unmarried employees over 30 extra weekends to arrange privacy .

“Vacation for dating” for the Chinese New Year.

Mass date in Henan Province Photo IC

Two companies in Hangzhou, China provided unmarried employees over the age of 30 with an additional eight-day vacation for the Chinese New Year, in addition to seven state holidays. It is assumed that on extra days off women will try to establish a personal life.

According to the personnel manager of one of these companies, Hangzhou Songcheng Performance, the employees enthusiastically met this decision. The men and women in the company are approximately equally divided, but the women work mainly in the internal departments and in the shows, which are organized by the organization, and have almost no opportunity to meet young people.

Earlier in January, one of the city schools in Hangzhou began to give extra weekends to lonely childless teachers, so that those would have time for dating. According to the school administration, students will benefit if their teachers are happy.

In China, unmarried women over 30 are often treated indulgently, and to designate them use the word that can be translated as “remaining”. This is due to the conviction that after 25 women find it harder to get married. At the same time, there is a global trend in China, according to which more and more women focus on careers and get married later than the traditional age – or prefer not to get married at all.

In large cities of the country, mass meetings are regularly held for those who want to meet and create a couple: in November 2015, the Quartz reporter toldabout one of these events with four thousand participants.

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