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Metro Exodus will not be released on Steam in 2019

Russian developers and the German publisher Metro Exodus decided to remove it from the digital Steam store until February 14, 2020 in just over two weeks of the game’s release. The game becomes a temporary exclusive store Epic Games Store, and all codes acquired through third-party online stores, as well as printed in boxes, will lead to the developer store Fortnite.

The announcement of this appeared on the official Metro Exodus page on Steam. For several months, the game used a platform for promotion, motivated gamers to pre-orders, and now, in one day, it has dramatically changed its course. Nevertheless, those who pre-order the game on Steam will be able to launch the game through the launcher of this particular store.

Fortnite developers have earned several billion dollars since the release of a more cartoony and cuddly copy of the “royal battle”. Now this money is invested in the expansion of the computer games market. True, not through the creation of a convenient service for customers, but through the enticement of projects to your store as exclusive.

Recall that in the Epic Games Store developers will take a lower commission on the sales of their games – 12%. However, in the store there are no user forums, no reviews and ratings for games, no mods support, no cloud storage, user profiles, user guides, etc. Thus, Epic Games prefers to compete with no functional or more interesting discounts for gamers and cash promises to the developers. Whether such a tactic turns out to be a winning one, time will tell.

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