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Elon Musk wanted to conduct a PewDiePie show with memes reviews. But he became a hero fotozhab

PewDiePie itself is not against collaboration, so Musk may soon make his debut as a video blogger.

On January 27, Elon Musk tweeted a photo of him holding a flamethrower aimed at the camera. At the same time, the design weapon differs from the “non-flamethrower” The Boring Company. But the subscribers of Mask were more interested in the caption: the entrepreneur announced that he wanted to hold a Meme Review show.

Meme Review is a project by video blogger Felix Chelberg, known as PewDiePie. The owner of the most popular channel on YouTube regularly publishes videos with reviews on memes. It is not known whether Musk and Chelberg discussed holding the show together in advance, but on Twitter PewDiePie agreed to cooperate.

“Do not shoot! Please be in charge. We need it! ”

Twitter users approved a potential joint release and suggested that Mask’s invitation is part of PewDiePie’s massive campaign to retain the title of the most popular YouTube channel. For several months, Chelberg has been leading a“war” for this title with the Indian music company T-Series.

After publishing a tweet about meme reviews, Musk continued to share jokes in the comments. For example, almost agreed to sell Tesla for five dollars.

“I’ll give you five dollars and buy Tesla”

“You offer not the best deal, but … well”

A mask with a flamethrower quickly turned into a base for photojob .

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