“Donate all the blood and visit 195 countries until February”: an advertisement about unfulfilled New Year promises

British humor to promote the local cable channel.


Passengers of the British subway noticed posters in cars with the heading “How to fulfill all their New Year promises until February.” This is an advertisement for cable TV channel Dave Channel, which is owned by UKTV – and in turn, BBC Studios and Discovery.

The authors propose to follow a plan that includes daily fulfillment of promises.

1st of January). Go to the gym;

2. Make a budget;

3. Stop smoking;

4. Quit work;

5. Write the same story;

6. Adapt the story for the film version;

7. Learn a second language;

8. Learn a third language;

9. Learn to play the accordion;

10. Finally, open the very same factory of accordions under the order ;

11. Call the mother 365 times;

12. Go to the gym 365 times;

13. Run 12 marathons;

14. Go on a date;

15. Fall in love;

16. Marry or get married;

17. Become a parent;

18. Become a parent a second time;

19. Get out of this horrible marriage;

20. Return to dating;

21. Donate annual income to charity;

22. Donate all the blood;

23. Visit all 195 countries;

24. Leave social networks;

25. Solemnly return to the social network;

26. Quit alcohol;

27. Solemnly return to alcohol;

28. Read 52 books;

29. Earn millions on cryptocurrency;

30. To lose luck, but to learn an important life lesson;

31. Move to the village, buy a new TV;

1st of February). Relax and watch Dave until the end of the year.

In the British subway, there were other variations of advertising about the New Year promises.

“To lose weight -> go to the gym, save money -> drop the gym, make friends -> stop talking about the gym” @tracey_cu

Not only this one, but also another Dave ad built on the humor of procrastination. For example, as in this schedule on Sunday.

“10 am – sit down, 12 — keep sitting, 14 — you need to get up now, 16 — oh, I didn’t do anything today, 18 — well, it’s too late today, 20 — to continue sitting, 22 — I spent this day wasted “@davechannel
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