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# 10YearChallenge: how popular mobile apps have changed over the years

Flashmob on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, VKontakte, Yandex.Metro and others.

More than two weeks on social networks continues flashmob # 10YearChallenge(there are other names – # 10YearsChallenge , # 2009vs2019challenge , # 2009vs2019 ), dedicated to the comparison of people, things and phenomena in 2019 and 2009. It all started with the publication of his own photographs a decade ago, but gradually the challenge has acquired new meanings .

Flawless App team member Valentina Gavrilyuk looked at how some popular mobile apps have changed over the years.

Not all of the submitted applications were released exactly in 2009. The difference between the screenshots can be 7-11 years.

App Store

AppStore was launched on July 10, 2008 – first there were only 500 applications in the store. Since then, new features have appeared, the design has changed, but the basic structure of the store has changed slightly. The latest major App Store redesign occurred in 2017.


EBay introduced its iOS app in 2008 at the WWDC conference. Since then, it has been constantly changing: from design elements to functions like the ability to pick up a box of the right size to send using AR technology.


Facebook appeared on iPhones before the launch of the AppStore – it existed as a web application. And the first version for AppStore did not have the classic letter “F” on the icon. In 2011, Facebook became one of the first apps with a hamburger menu.


Shazam music recognition service has also become one of the first apps in the history of the AppStore. Since then, the view has changed several times, but retained the main thing – the proprietary activation button in the center of the screen.


Twitter relatively late appeared its own official application. And even it grew as a result of third-party Tweetie in 2010. At the same time, Twitterrific client was shown back in 2008.


In recent years, the Evernote service has been experiencing problems. In 2018, the company reduced 15% of its staff; several top managers and the general director left it. But the mobile application of the service is still working, and it has changed a lot in ten years.


Back in 2009, Yelp introduced functions related to virtual reality. The application was updated frequently, but did not lose the company red colors.

Google play

Until 2012, the application store was called the Android Market, but after the rebranding, it got the more familiar name of Google Play.

“In contact with”

The official VKontakte client appeared only in 2011, so that it does not quite fall under the conditions # 10YearChallenge . But even then, users lost the classic “wall”.


Sberbank Online appeared in the AppStore in 2012: then the services in the application were available only to residents of a small number of regions. The client was criticized for this on websites and forums, noting that there are more convenient informal applications.


Skype for iPhones appeared in April 2009: then the media called it a “long-awaited” application. Ten years later, not only the design of the service, but also its concept has changed: in 2017, Microsoft turned it into an instant messenger without an emphasis on video communication.


The Yandex.Metro application started in 2010 and was not very different in concept from the current one. The last major update of the client occurred in December 2018: there were more supported cities, there were warnings about repairs and transitions between stations.


In November 2011, KinoPoisk presented its first official app. After almost eight years, the design has changed, but not the structure. The main difference: now you can watch movies directly in the application.


For a long time, one of the most popular applications in the world did not change very much: square photos, classic filters and frames, low quality of downloaded photos. But since 2015, there has been much more change: from rectangular snapshots to stories and IGTV.

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