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American saved the life of a woman thanks to the rules of resuscitation from the series “Office”

Sometimes watching TV shows is really useful.

Cross Scott

21-year-old Arizona resident Cross Scott said that he saved a woman who lost consciousness in a car thanks to an episode from the comedy series Office. He told about this to

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I have never prepared for resuscitation. I did not understand what I was doing.[/perfectpullquote]
Cross scott

Scott said he noticed a car in which a woman was sitting. The car drove slowly, but the driver was unconscious. Then the guy planted a large stone under the wheels to stop it. He tried to revive the woman by first knocking on the window, but this failed. Two more women drove up to him and called the rescue service.

The guy broke the window with a stone, put his hand in there and unlocked the driver’s door. He did not feel the pulse of a woman. Then Scott remembered that in the episode of the series “Office” there was a scene in which the character Michael Scott (played by actor Steve Carell) is trying to make an indirect heart massage for the training dummy.

In the series, the instructor explained that for the correct tempo of pressing the chest you need to press in the rhythm of the song Bee Gees’ Staying Alive. Scott began to massage, loudly singing a song. A minute later, the woman came to herself, she was taken to the hospital, but soon released. What happened to her is unknown.

That very moment from the “Office”

Executive Director of the Red Cross in Arizona, Courtney Slanaker confirmed toCBS News that the Staying Alive motif is really suitable for an indirect heart massage. But there are other songs that can help – for example, Just Dance Lady Gaga or Dancing Queen Abba.

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