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Spain, France and Germany recognize Guaido as the president of Venezuela if the country does not have early elections

Leaders of states require “free and transparent” voting.

Leaders of Spain, Germany and France said on Twitter that they would recognize opposition leader Juan Guaydo as president of the country if early presidential elections are not announced in eight days in Venezuela.

We do not seek to overthrow the government, we want democracy and free elections in Venezuela. In any case, if within eight days there are no appeals for fair, free, transparent and democratic elections, Spain will recognize Juan Guaydo as the president of Venezuela.
Tweets of the same content were published by French President Emmanuel Macron and German government spokeswoman Martina Fitz.

On January 23, Venezuela’s parliamentary leader, opposition member Juan Guaydo, declared himself acting president. This happened during mass rallies against the current leader, Nicolas Maduro, who won elections again in early January. Guaido was supported by the USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama and the United Kingdom. However, Russia, Turkey, China, Cuba and Bolivia remained on the side of Maduro.

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