“Lost Generation Z” make you feel old

Show the old grandmother a curved TV that is one third thick than a matchbox, and she will be at a loss. Show your teen a dial-up phone and they won’t know what to do with it. Some things that once seemed completely familiar and understandable today can cause genuine interest among young people. The resource Boredpanda has compiled a collection of mini-stories that have been included – and they will make many of us feel really old.

In English-speaking countries, children born in the period from the mid-90s to about the middle of “zero” are called “Generation Z” – Generation Z, or “genzy” (genz).

The child saw “this” and praised: “Oh, you printed out the save icon on a 3D printer.”
– On this day, 15 years ago, my mother picked up the phone and interrupted the 17-hour download from Napster by 96%. – Someone will explain to me the meaning of this tweet? What the hell is Napster?
My daughter just asked me why I say hang up and now I feel like a 90-year-old
Admit to yourself that you are old. Retweet, if you know what it is
Just asked my sister what it is. She said: “Player? Television?”
Once you had to make a really difficult choice.


The representative of generation Z admits that he does not understand how music CDs were “burned” before.
A 16-year-old niece asked what it is. I replied that the first-generation flash drives
The child asked why this lever is needed. Felt old
I asked the 6-year-old son if he knows what this thing is. He replied that this is a film player, and asked how to turn it on
My 18-year-old brother asked what kind of device
The new generation does not know what it is
I remember eight years ago I showed a student vinyl. She asked how it works, and was shocked to hear about players and needles.
11-year-old son asked what is it
My little brother suggested it was a DVD


A recent graduate doesn’t know what T9 is …
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