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“He loves to cuddle”: an American struggles with depression with a home alligator

The owner compares the pet with the dog and is sure that he will never harm anyone.

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65-year-old American from Pennsylvania Joey Hinni (Joie Henney) chose to fight depression is not the most common animal to support – an alligator named Wally. He “modest as a teddy bear, likes to cuddle and cuddle,” describes Hinni’s alligator.

Hinni from childhood loved snakes and other reptiles, but cats and dogs do not. An alligator appeared at Hinni in September 2015 — he took it from a friend who was saving animals in Florida. At that time, Wally was about 14 months, he was about 45 centimeters in length. By 2019, Wally grew to 152 centimeters, in July he will be five years old. The alligator eats chicken wings, and it has its own plastic basin. Hinni says that the pet likes to watch programs about reptiles on TV.

At first, Wally was afraid of everything and had difficulty getting used to life in captivity, but Hinni says that he showed patience with him. When a man saw that the alligator was scary, he took him in his arms and reassured him. A few months later, Wally gradually got domesticated – Hinni compares him to a small puppy who constantly walks behind the housekeeper.

Sometimes Wally really behaves like a dog – for example, tearing the bedclothes with her nose, lying on the sofa or climbing into the lower drawers in the kitchen. When Hinni takes him to public places, he tries to explain to people that Wally is not dangerous – the alligator never tried to bite anyone. A man allows you to pet his pet.

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At the same time, Hinni realizes that Wally is still an alligator and can even bite off her hand, but I am sure that this will never happen. Five children and 18 grandchildren Hinni also normally belong to his pet.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]He never tried to bite anyone. I do not incite him against people, I urge them to respect, and not to be afraid of Wally. He will do no harm.[/perfectpullquote]
Joey hinni

Hinni’s depression began after the sudden death of his three close friends, who died literally one after another. The man was worried that he could not cope with this on his own and turned to a specialist. But Wally also helped the owner – once he went to sleep next to him at one of the moments when the man was very bad.

As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer , doctors usually do not register such animals for emotional support, unlike dogs, but the Hinni therapist has appointed.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]My doctor wanted to give me a cure for depression, and I hate to take medicine. I had Wally, and when I came home and spent time with him, I was fine. My doctor knew about Wally and decided if it works – then why not?[/perfectpullquote]
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