Deadline: Netflix is ​​working on a TV series based on Resident Evil

Currently, the company is looking for a show runner.

The publication Deadline reported that the German company Constantine Film, which owns the rights to the screening of the Resident Evil franchise, together with the streaming service Netflix will begin shooting the series based on the cult horror series of games Capcom.

It is planned that the show will expand the universe of Resident Evil and reveal the deeper details of its mythologists. The project Netflix, as well as the upcoming restart of the film franchise, will take as a basis the basic concept of the game series.

The series will tell about the work of Umbrella Corporation after the establishment of a new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus. Despite the fact that the project is at an early stage of development, the authors expect to retain all the branded elements of the original game series, including the familiar action scenes and even some paschalki.

The line of films “Resident Evil”, launched in 2002, today has six pictures. Films in the amount earned 1.2 billion dollars in the world box office, and are considered the highest grossing series of films based on video games.

Paul W. S. Anderson, responsible for all six films that Milla Jovovich made, left the franchise in 2016. Since then, the leadership of Constantin Film has discussed plans to restart the series, including in the form of a television show. Last month, the company hired Johannes Roberts to write the script and stage the planned restart.

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