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A Swiss court allowed a referendum to endow chimpanzees with basic human rights.

However, if the decision is supported, it will work only in one region.

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The court of the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt agreed to hold a referendum on endowing chimpanzees with basic human rights. For example, the right to life, self-actualization or freedom of movement. This proposal was made by the Center for Animal Rights Sentience Politics. About reported The Local.

The initiative aims to give chimpanzees the right to psychological and physiological immunity. Primarily for the protection of primates, which are used in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland. Sentience Politics has been trying to achieve this since 2016.

In early January, the referendum initiators collected three thousand signatures needed for the voting. Initially, the Basel-Stadt government blocked the referendum, citing the fact that it violates the provisions of the Swiss Constitution for the protection of animals. However, the cantonal court of appeals overturned this decision and authorized a referendum.

There is one catch in the decision of the Court of Appeal – it will not allow animal advocates to ban the use of chimpanzees throughout Switzerland, and pharmaceutical companies and zoos are protected by the constitution. Even if the vote is in favor of the Sentience Politics initiative, stricter rules will only apply in the canton.

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