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The longest, the thickest. Top unusual cats

Your cat will always be the best, most sweet and most cute. Or nasty and sassy – it all depends on the point of view. We decided to look at those furry ones, which for one reason or another are called exceptional. To do this, we turn to the Guinness Book of Records, which tells you in which direction to look.

The richest cat in his time was Blackie, who inherited from the owner a legacy of 7 million pounds sterling. It happened back in 1988.

The company he (or she) is Tommaso from Rome. In 2011, the purr hostess departed to another world, leaving as much as $ 13 million.

The biggest brood was acquired by a cat from the UK – in 1970, 19 kittens were counted, but four of them were born dead. For reference, usually in the litter 4-6 kittens.

But Merlin in 2015 set a record for the rumbling volume – measurements showed an incredible 67.8 dB. Then fluffy was 13 years old. By the way, he turned out to be already grown up in his mistress – he was taken from the street.

We did not find the next comrade on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records, but he gained popularity on YouTube thanks to an incredibly low voice.

The smallest cat (or rather, the lowest) is the munchkin Fizz. Its height from the floor is only 15.24 cm.

The most “hairy” cat at one time recognized Sophie Smith, the length of the wool which reached 25.68 cm.

The longest cat was once called Stewie (full name – Mymains Stewart Gilligan). The length of his body reached 123 cm. Now he comes on the heels of 120-cm Barivel.

The Meow and Himmi, the weight of which was about 20 kg, became the thickest cats at various times. True, the Guinness Book of Records stopped registering such records so that the “good” owners would not seek to feed their pet for glory.

The oldest cat is Creme Puff, which has lived to 38 years – an incredible age for these animals. Last year, the red-white Rubble celebrated his 30th birthday, becoming the oldest living domestic fur seal.

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