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Fotozhaby: Judge after the “bloody” boxing match

Because of the dissection of the fighter, he looked like a maniac with his hands up to his elbows in blood (well, or at a not very neat butcher).

January 19 in Las Vegas was a boxing fight for the title of the interim world light heavyweight champion according to the version of WTA. Badu Jack and Marcus Brown fought for the title – and this fight was one of the bloodiest in recent years.

In the seventh round, the boxers clashed their foreheads, and Jack received a strong cut (photos from the battle can be viewed here ). ESPN noted that it was not about the usual injury for this sport – the fighter looked as if he had been slashed at his forehead with a knife. The referee and Jack’s team did not stop the bout, which is why the athlete spent five more rounds, pouring blood on himself, the opponent, the ring and the judge. In the end, a unanimous decision won Marcus Brown.

“I have been involved in sports for 40 years, and have never seen such a cut,” said a spokesman for Mayweather Promotions, a company representing Jack. A few hours later the athlete published a photo with stitches and said that everything was in order: “I am a fighter, not a model.” He also did not blame his opponent, thanking him for the fight.

Excerpt from fight Jack – Brown

After the bout, Showtime Boxing photographer showed a photo of referee Tony Weeks, who tried the fight. Because of Jack’s cut, his hands were stained with blood (Weeks often had to pull apart the boxers). The photo was distributed on social networks and became the basis for the photoshop battle on Reddit. Users noted that with such a view, Wicks could be tried for the role of a maniac in a movie or a series.

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