9 month free Apple Music subscription

I’ll say right away that without the SIM of the MTS operator you can get only 3 months of free subscription. The rest read carefully to the end.


1. Scan the QR code below via the built-in Camera on the iPhone, or follow this link to the iPhone (necessarily through it).

2. An Apple Music window will appear with the text “3 months. is free”. Click “free trial subscription”.

3. You can leave a tick on the subscription “Individual” (money will not be written off, we will then cancel it). Then click Start and enter your Apple ID password.

4. If the “Billing Information Required” window appears, enter it. It’s not scary, the money will not be written off.

5. Enter your phone number.

6. Come 4-digit code. Enter it, click “Confirm”, then “Done”.

7. Wait until the subscription is activated. Then “Start.”

8. If the error “This device is associated with a different Apple ID” appears, click Transfer.

9. Everything! Now you have full access to any songs and videos, you can download to your phone, online and offline.

10. Do not forget to disable paid auto-renewal subscriptions. Go to the App Store app, click on your account icon and go to the “Subscriptions” section. Select “Unsubscribe” from the Apple Music menu. You can still use the service for the remaining months.

And now to the main point.

11. If you have an MTS service provider, then after this trial subscription for 3 months, you can activate another 6 months .

Suppose you have activated for 3 months on 01/15/19, your subscription will be until 04/15/19. So, 04/16/19, it will be possible to activate 6 months from the MTS and use until 10/16/19.

To connect Apple Music for 6 months for free, dial * 888 # on the iPhone and reply to the incoming message.

I hope helped someone. With other operators, not a ride, but sorry.

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