“Yandex” began selling multimedia onboard system “Yandex. Auto”

So far, only in Nizhny Novgorod, where the highest demand for such products.

Box with Yandex.Avto for VW Polo and Skoda Rapid Photos of the press service

Yandex presented its new device – an onboard multimedia system for cars. It is called the same way as the operating system for such devices used by the company earlier – Yandex.Auto.

While separate devices are sold only for a very limited list of models: Renault Kaptur, Renault Duster, Volkswagen Polo and Lada X-Ray. Later it will be expanded at the expense of Lada Vesta, Nissan Qashqai, Toyota RAV4, Skoda Rapid and KIA Rio.

On January 23, retail sales of the system through the site begin , but so far only in Nizhny Novgorod. The company explained that they analyzed the demand and found out that it is the highest in Nizhny Novgorod: “They decided to start from cities, where, according to the results of our research, there is high interest in the product. Nizhny Novgorod is just one of these cities. ” Subsequently, the geography of sales are going to expand to other cities.

The price of the system is 29 900 rubles: it includes half a year of subscription to Yandex.Plus services, half a year of the Internet from MTS and installation of an onboard system in a car at a service center, and also promise to maintain the system under warranty.

One of the versions of Yandex.Avto. Press service photo.

But clarified a number of details from company representatives:

  • After the completion of the free period, the Internet in the car will cost 249 rubles per month;
  • You cannot call from the SIM card. She is inconnected in USB LTE-modem and the possibility of its replacement depends on the car model and is determined during installation;
  • This version of Yandex.Avto is different from those installed on Yandex.Drive machines. For example, there is access to the Yandex Browser, through which you can watch YouTube and use third-party services, but they are not very optimized for viewing through the on-board screen;
  • The system can be installed free of charge on your car only in the Yandex.Auto service center;
  • First, the purchased device will be delivered free of charge to the user, after which specialists should contact them and write it down for installation. You can call a specialist with the installation “at home”, but it is paid and costs 1290 rubles;
  • In “Yandex” do not recommend independent installation;
  • In the new version of Yandex.Avto, a full-fledged Yandex.Music works;
  • You need to log in to Yandex services once at the very beginning, then the device will be remembered by the user.

Previously, in Yandex.Avto, it was possible to use only the company’s built-in services: Navigator, a trimmed version of Music (streaming radio stations only), and Weather. The system can be controlled by voice with the help of Alice’s assistant.

Technical characteristics of the device are as follows:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Processor: 4-core Allwinner T3 1.2 GHz RAM: 2 GB Built-in memory: 16 GB FM radio Internet: Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G support via modem Navigation: GPS and GLONASS or GPS / GLONASS The ability to control the steering buttons Bluetooth handsfree Formats: WMA, AAC, MP3 [/perfectpullquote]

Important: Yandex.Avto does not have an audio jack for connecting music through the AUX-wire. Yandex believes that it is not needed.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In modern systems, audio jack, in our opinion, is irrelevant, such as a CD-drive. However, if there are many requests for its appearance, we will think about implementation.[/perfectpullquote]
press service “Yandex”

30 thousand rubles – about the same average alternative onboard systems based on Android, for example, from DayStar, cost . They support the installation of a much larger number of applications (including those from Yandex), have USB ports, allow you to play audio from SD cards and at the same time are quite powerful for multi-touch screen and navigation applications. But such systems do not have end-to-end voice control and Alice.

“Yandex.Avto” can be installed instead of the standard onboard system or in the absence of any radio tape recorder or breakdown. In addition, these devices are still available when buying new cars as one of the options – for example, in Renault Kaptur.

For almost a year and a half of existence and cooperation with manufacturers of machines, Yandex brought the number of machines from Yandex.Auto to only 50 thousand, of which about 5 thousand are Yandex.Drive machines (the system costs most of them). wrote in detail about the Yandex.Avto system and the company’s plans for 2017

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