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Twitter showed the design of some users

Will this version of the main and when this happens, not specified.

Twitter reported that some users can now switch to the new interface of the web version of the service.

The main changes include a general simplification of the design, reducing the number of columns with content to two, enlarged buttons for sending tweets or replies, the appearance of a button for adding emoji. Also in the new design they increased the fonts, hid the captions of the icons in the menu and moved the block with trends to the right side of the site

The current design update did not bring any previously announced changes. Users who tried the new interface compared it with the mobile version of Twitter

“The new design of the web version of Twitter looks like I’m using a mobile application on a PC”

“Bullshit. I really hope that the new design will be optional. This is just a mobile version of Twitter, which is so bad, and even worse on a PC. ”

[About the interface]: “As a mobile version, but on the big screen, where the design for small screens will not work”

“In the new design, Twitter moved the button to open the menu in a different direction compared to the mobile version and it drives me crazy! Stick to one side, damn it! ”

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