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The son of the Minister of Finance of the Khabarovsk Territory scored the first goal in five years in the KHL

In the summer he made a vision correction.

Stanislav Katsuba photo

Forward “Amur” Stanislav Katsuba scored the puck in a home match against “Siberia”, reports The publication notes that this goal was the first for a 28-year-old player not only in the season, but also in the league.

Katsuba has been playing in Amur since January 2014, writes He played in each season, but for 66 matches in the KHL, the athlete made only two scores to partners – he himself did not score. In this case, Katsuba first appeared in the application for participation in the league in the 2010/11 season, but “did not play a second,” said Sport24.

In June 2018, the Ophthalmology Clinic published a review of Katsuba for an operation to correct vision. According to the description of the video, initially the player’s vision was -1.5 diopters on one eye and -1.25 on the other. After surgery, vision was fully restored.

Stanislav Katsuba is the son of Alexander Katsuba, who since 2002 has been the Minister of Finance of the Khabarovsk Territory. In 2018, Alexander Katsuba also became the first deputy chairman of the regional government. Katsuba Jr. spent his entire career at Amur, a club from Khabarovsk.

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