The head of Xiaomi showed a prototype of a smartphone with a flexible screen that folds in half

Characteristics of the device do not yet reveal.

Xiaomi co-founder and president, Lin Bin, published a minute video on his Weibo with a smartphone, the screen of which can be folded twice. In the unfolded video, the device looks like a tablet, and when folded it looks like a normal smartphone.

Details about the device is still unknown, but Bean explained that this is not a commercial model, but an engineering prototype. As noted in The Verge, the smartphone looks more practical than other devices with a flexible screen.

According to President Xiaomi, the company has overcome several problems by developing its own flexible screen technology, flexible screen cover, folding wheels and adapted the MIUI shell.

January 4 video and information about the device published technical insider Evan Blass. He then noted that the concept Xiaomi is far ahead of competitors.

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