What really happened to AirPower

A year ago, during the presentation of the iPhone X, Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging station. Moreover, the terms of the approximate accession of the accessory to the market – “somewhere in 2018” were even named.

But a year has passed, and at the next presentation, but the iPhone XS and iPhone X Max have not said a word about AirPower. Insider Sony Dixon shares some insider information related to this product.

The reason for the delays is the real hardware problems that Apple engineers faced.

First, in its current state, AirPower is hot . And this can lead to heating of the charging device, overheating and failure of the charge control board.

Secondly, AirPower has a number of problems: from the activation of the charge to the speed and accuracy of the charge level.

Thirdly, interference. Inside AirPower there are 21 and 24 power coils of different sizes for recharging the company’s three main products: iPhone, new AirPods case (which also disappeared somewhere) and Apple Watch.

Apple’s attempt to unsegate these charging areas for each device led to interference between the coils .

This reduces the efficiency of the charging station and once again postpones the release.

In short, Apple has a big problem with AirPower. The mention of charging was removed even from the official website of the company, and this suggests that Apple may completely abandon this gadget. That’s just the word – not a sparrow. SonyDickson ]

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