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The British worker destroyed the lobby of the new hotel with an excavator, because he was not given a salary

At GoFundMe have already raised money, some of which will go to pay the fine.

A worker from Liverpool excavated the entrance and lobby of the new Traevelodge Hotel, which he took part in building. As a worker’s colleague toldLiverpoolEcho, a man was not given a salary for several days – he was owed £ 600 (about 51,000 rubles).

The interviewee noted that the worker tried to get money in other ways, but he did not succeed: “He thought it was [the destruction of the hotel] his only way out.” According to The Sun, the worker entered the hotel lobby on the day when construction was completed.

The local police said that after the destruction of the lobby, the driver left the scene of the accident in his car. Information about its detection yet. The hotel representative declined to comment on the situation until the police completed the investigation.

The site GoFundMe there was a campaign to raise money for the worker, which destroyed the hotel. The purpose of the collection – 600 pounds, but at the time of writing, users have already collected 680 pounds. The worker will receive 600 pounds, and the remaining money will be sent to pay fines for the destruction of the hotel.

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