iPhone 11 with a new design shown on video

By showing the iPad Pro 2018 , Apple made it clear that it’s going back to basics. The new tablet received flat side edges and more sharp forms.

Designer Ran Avni decided to imagine how the new iPhone could turn out if Apple continues to adhere to the design of the iPad Pro.

USB Type-C and flat side faces for the flagship iPhone is something new.

On a short video you can draw several conclusions.

The iPhone 11 can get a USB-C port , a triple camera and a significantly reduced cut-out by sensors, a selfie camera and a speaker from the display.

Triple camera looks solid. In the concept, its resolution was estimated at 48 MP.

Given the active introduction of the fingerprint scanner under the screen, it is possible that Apple will also follow the example of competitors.

To date, the published video is only assumptions and the embodiment of a bold fantasy of conceptualists. But this iPhone 11 looks really worthy. 9to5 ]

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