Enthusiastic developers have launched the second web player for Apple Music. Apple – still no one

Musish allows you to use the service without downloading iTunes or other programs.

Developers Braychan Bennett-Odlum (Brychan Bennett-Odlum), Vaydzhi Rafael (Raphael Vigee), James Jarvis (James Jarvis) and Philip Grebovski (Filip Grebowski) launched a web player Musish , based at the Apple Music. It supports all the functions of the service and allows you to listen to music on laptops and computers without running iTunes.

By design, Musish resembles the Apple Music iOS app. To use the player, you need to log in to your Apple ID through the official API. Musish claims that he does not request access to user data and does not store it: all processing takes place on the Apple side.

In a conversation with MacRumors, Bennett-Odlum said that the player was developed in a month: the idea of ​​Musish originated on the hackathon in San Francisco in December 2018.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We are all frequent users of Apple Music, but listening to music at work discharged our smartphones, and we didn’t want to enter Apple ID data from working laptops. Therefore, we began to develop Musish on the hackathon in San Francisco in early December, after we noticed that Apple makes extensive use of the service API. Then we realized that this would be an elegant solution to the problem.[/perfectpullquote]
Braichan Bennett Odlum
lead developer musish

After logging in, users see the traditional Apple Music tabs “For You”, “Charts”, “Radio” and “Media Library”. You can switch between tabs and search for something directly while listening: the music will not stop.

The player makes it possible to use the service almost fully, with the exception of social functions such as the profiles of friends and playlist “Your friends are listening” ( in Russia they are not available even in official applications,  ). In addition, it will not be possible to use “Radio”, but the developers promise to add its support “soon.”

Musish is an open-source project written in React and MusicKit JS, its source code can be explored on GitHub. In the same place developers accept offers concerning new functions. Their immediate plans include the implementation of the mobile version, the dark mode and the filling of the Charts.

Musish is the second unofficial web player for Apple Music lately. In December 2018, Reddit user Navid Golafshani created the site , which also allows you to use the service without applications.

For several years, users have been waiting for the web version of Apple Music from Apple itself. In June 2018, the company launched a built-in web player that allows you to listen to playlists from the service on different sites. According to media reports, the company is still working on a full-fledged web player, but its launch dates and status are unknown.

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